Dog Owners Want To Know: Can Westies And Scotty Dogs Get Along?

Westies and scotties dog are both very popular breeds. Because of this, a lot of dog owners want the opportunity to bring both kinds of dogs into their home. Is this a mistake? Or can these two dogs get along well? Read on to find out.

Choosing The Right Dogs

When you own two dogs, you can’t just think about breeds. While some westies and scotties may get along wonderfully, others may have issues with each other. You’re going to have to focus on finding the right pets for your home.

It can be helpful to choose dogs that are close in age. When both dogs are younger, they’ll both have more energy, and will be interested in the same types of things.

Allowing The Dogs To Meet Each Other

Before you commit to owning two dogs, you will want to give them a chance to meet each other. Some dogs simply aren’t compatible. If this is an issue for you, you’ll want to make sure that you’re fully aware of this ahead of time. If the dogs don’t get along, you can try to find another set of dogs that are a better fit for each other.

Giving Both Dogs Attention

If you are going to own two dogs, you will want to make sure that you can give both of them plenty of attention. If you don’t have time for both pets, one of them might become jealous of the other one. Make sure they both get all of the affection that they need.

Scotty dogs and westies can and do get along. With that said, you will want to make sure you choose your dogs with care. Bringing a dog home is a major commitment, and you definitely shouldn’t rush into anything.

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